Know No Limits

Not quite sure what happened, but somehow when I went to the store to get some Yukon Gold potatoes to replace the Gold Rush I had inadvertently planted in my limited garden beds, I ended up getting some Norlands too and then proceeded to plant all three.

Looks like I am doing this square foot thing full-on, if only because it speaks to my greedy gardener sensibilities.

Raw potatoes, dill, garlic and butter on a wooden board

I always plant red Norlands because they are so early and taste so good boiled in their skins still weeks from maturity. I had almost forgotten until I saw them beckoning to me from the seed potato rack.

You only have four beds, I told myself.

I am getting the Norlands, I replied, hugging a bag of Norlands and a bag of Yukon Gold to my chest. Don’t make me hurt you, ’cause I will.

By this time I had the proverbial angel on one shoulder and devil waving a hoe on the other.

Get a hold of yourself woman. Where are you going to fit the lettuce, kale, onions (two kinds), shallots, bush beans, shelling beans, pole beans, regular peas, sugar peas, various herbs, four kinds of tomatoes, two kinds of cucumbers, zucchini, two kinds of garlic, cabbage, beets, carrots AND three kinds of potatoes?

I am getting the Norlands, I explained.

And that’s what I did. And then I planted them. All of them.

My God, but this is a titillating blog.

Seriously, if you are still reading at this point you are either very polite or just as hooped when it comes to gardening as I am.

The weird thing is I think everything will actually fit. Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have grabbed a bag of Kennebecs while I was at it…what am I thinking? There’s still time.

Retro sunglasses with monsters reflection in it.

Seeing my world through crazy vegetable colored glasses…or something like that.




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