A Banana A Day …


A Banana a day keeps potassium deficiency at bay…or something like that!

Roses love potassium. Save up your banana peels over the winter for spring feeding by simply popping them into a freezer bag and then thawing just before use. Others recommend spreading them out to dry but I prefer putting them in the freezer. Fruit flies seem to hatch out of the peelings and after a few weeks our house is thick with the little flying fellows. If you dried the peels in a dehydrator chances are this wouldn’t happen.

Banana peel

However you save your banana peels for your roses they’ll thank you in blooms. Simply drop a couple banana peels into the planting hole or chop them up and work them in around the roots of established roses to provide a much appreciated dose of potassium.

Just be sure not to slip on them


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