2013 Dawson Creek Garden Tour

2013-07-28 12.46.51-1

The whole purpose of this blog was to showcase amazing gardens grown in the Peace Country and to share tips with cold climate gardeners wherever you may be.

There are several garden tours in the North and South Peace every year and before The Big Move, I attended as many as I could and posted pictures of them here.

With all the kafuffle over the last two years I didn’t make it to either the 2014 or the 2015 garden tours. I have to confess that leaving my garden behind and moving into an apartment made attending the tours somewhat akin to an alcoholic being invited to a wine tasting. Looking back, I do wish I had stopped feeling sorry for myself and went, because I know I missed some spectacular gardens.

Even worse, all the changes started to happen as I was still posting pictures from the 2013 tour. Instead of finishing them up, things got so crazy I abandoned this blog altogether. So in case you’ve been wondering why the Dawson Creek Garden Tour abruptly stops with #6 out of 10 gardens, now you know.

But better late than never! Over the next bit I will finally showcase those last four gardens. Trust me, they’re worth the wait…



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