2013 North Peace Garden Tour 5 of 8 : )

Next up were the picturesque lakeside gardens of Linda & Jay Greenwood. It was here that–horror of garden tour horrors–my battery in my new camera died despite it having a full charge. Of course it was Sunday and we were 50 km from home and it wasn’t just any battery but a very specific rechargeable battery. Arrrghhhh! Fortunately Darcy had his camera and managed to pick up a few shots I missed, but it was a valuable lesson for next year. Bring two batteries. Or a different camera!

Maybe I’ll have a garden like this one day…when pigs fly! Loved this cheerful winged pig perched on the fence.

Another magazine worthy entrance. Just gorgeous…

And look at those perfect window boxes, not to mention the border beds and vines.

The calm before the storm…me catching a shot of Darcy making his way down to the backyard unaware my camera was about to die.


Linda I presume, working in her gorgeous garden. Can you imagine a landscape like that? I wouldn’t know what to do first, look at the flowers or look at the lake. Who am I kidding? I’d look at the flowers. THEN I’d look at the lake.


This was my last shot before my camera closed up and died. I will add some more shots from Darcy’s camera as soon as I manage to transfer them. In the meantime I leave you with these beautiful delphiniums filtering the lake view beyond…

to be continued…


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