Don’t be in a hurry for your garden to grow up…

Does your own garden look more like this…

2009 Fall Landscaping 014 Than this?


When we’re kids we can’t wait to grow up. It seems like we’re always straining forward, anxious to be a teenager, then desperate to turn 16 and get our driver’s license. We can’t wait to graduate from high school and get out on our own. But then we look back on those formative, growing years and wonder why we were in such a hurry. Why didn’t we slow down and enjoy it more?

The same can be said of making a garden. We can be so anxious to have a beautiful space; to have mature trees, fully formed shrubs and lush perennials that we don’t pause to appreciate the formative years. Many gardeners look back at the beginning when they had nothing but a blank slate of soil, a binder of grid paper and a fistful of seeds with fondness. No matter what age you are, when you start a new garden it’s like getting to be a kid again. Don’t be in a hurry for your garden to “grow up”. Gardening, like life, is about the journey not the destination.


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