2012 Progress Garden Tour – 4 of 5 : )

The last three weeks have been spent enjoying the family home for Thanksgiving and madly dashing about buttoning down the farm for winter. Yesterday it was fall and this morning we awoke to winter. And still the snow comes tumbling down! I finished closing the bees inside their straw bale fort this morning and now I am listening to the clicks of the wood stove and waiting for the tea kettle to sing. It was a good summer, but now it’s time for the earth – and the people who tend it – to rest.

And it’s time to continue looking back at the beautiful gardens we saw this summer. Number 11 belongs to Sharon and Mickey Hustak and was also the location for the tea…and what a scrumptious tea it was! The salads and sandwiches were fantastic but the squares…oh my! I am ashamed to admit I had three…it was just too hard to choose between all the different kinds. Just when I finished one, someone would tell me I had to try another and how can you argue with that?

But enough about the gazillion delicious calories I guzzled. Let’s have a look at the garden instead…


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