Sold Out!

Went by the Mapple Farm site while still trying to decide whether to bother ordering more sweet potato slips to replace the frozen-by-mail ones and I see they are sold out. So now, of course, I want them more than anything! Nothing stirs a gardener’s blood more than the idea that they can’t have a plant. Even if it’s the ugliest looking perennial or the most foul tasting vegetable -keeping in mind everything is a matter of personal taste – tell a gardener they can’t have it and they will remortgage the house just for the chance to bring it home. Well, almost. Or maybe that’s just me…

After two days of wet snow and April showers the sun has come back out. I can hear the summer birds singing as I type – and Rusty the rooster crowing as he scratches about in the thawing earth for worms and bugs. With so much spring in the air it’s impossible to stay down about something as trivial as sweet potato slips for long! I think I will try a butternut squash in  my raised straw bale bed instead…



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